New Homes

Sean Summers is one of three licensed Real Estate Professionals in the office. He can help you find the best Cape Cod property for your dream result. He can also navigate you thru the complex world of local zoning ordinances and challenging approval process.

Selgi Selimov is the artist and can help you decide what style of house and what design best fits each and every property.

We know that no matter what size, type, or style house you choose to build on Cape Cod, we can find property, help with design, and build your Cape Cod dream home with the highest standards of quality you can possibly get anywhere from any construction company.

Engineers will tell you what is possible. We will tell you what is optimal!

Builders can build off a plan. Selgi can do that too but he also can envision what so many builders can’t!

We are always educating ourselves in the ever changing world of construction. Like technology, building materials are invented at a rapid pace and you can be sure you will know the best options available to you at the time you need it!

We would love to hear about your construction or remodeling ideas and plans and help you with your next project. We hope you join the S&S family of building and remodeling contractors, craftsmen and fine builders for the duration of your project and the enjoyment of a well-crafted living space for years to come.



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